Wharton School, MBA Program in Health Care Management,  August ’16

Using the tools of the artist in the workplace

“I recommend The Branch Out Project to corporations looking for a fun and effective way to encourage creative thinking in the workplace.  Taking us out of our comfort zone and demystifying the techniques of an artist showed all of us “old dogs” that we could learn new tricks.  Thank you for facilitating a very positive experience for us!”

Mary Farrell Robinson, Director of Human Resources, Duane Morris LLP

Artists have always played a creative role in society, challenging accepted beliefs and discovering new ways of thinking.  Producing a work of art, while certainly an activity of vision and inspiration, also requires a mastery of technique and a systematic problem-solving approach.  The Branch Out Project has helped over 2000 participants in nearly 50 organizations in business, government and education to develop the creative confidence and motivation in environments where the rules are constantly changing.

The Branch Out Project workshops present a series of interactive drawing challenges that develop participants’ powers of observation, flexibility, resilience and foresight, which are all components of creative thinking and problem-solving. Even reluctant beginners who claim that they “can’t draw a straight line”, surprise themselves as they step past self-imposed constraints and gain tangible new skills in a short period of time.

A Navy Judge Advocate General JAG shows his “before” and “after” drawings.

This picture should not be interpreted to indicate any endorsement of The Branch Out Project services by Department of the Navy.