Parents & Teachers

As part of our annual teacher professional development, we were fortunate to have Janice spend two the valuable hours in the galleries. I learned new and very effective ways to engage our young audiences in how to look closely and draw effectively. Whether it be a drawing class or a standard lesson tour Janice showed me ways to further understand the artistic process. In my opinion, the approach used by Janice should be codified and shared with any and all cultural institutions whose goal is to teach and inspire through the visual arts.

Barry M. King

Museum Educator and Coordinator of Teen Programs

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Draw to Learn: a visual approach to education and creative problem solving

The Branch Out Project teaches students advanced drawing skills and helps them apply related communication and problem-solving techniques to other aspects of their education.

Everyone learns differently. Many students are intelligent “visual” learners who struggle with language-based learning. These students may gravitate toward visual learning, but their skills go unrecognized or they lack the tools to apply them in the classroom. Other more verbally proficient students may stay far away from drawing and other art activities because they lack confidence or don’t see its benefits.

The Branch Out Project’s goal is to develop the visual-thinking abilities in all kinds of students. This will expand their range of approaches to learning, build self-esteem and increase their motivation to take on new challenges.

The workshop is challenging and fun. The drawing techniques are targeted to beginners, with exercises designed to stimulate creativity, enhance language literacy and make connections to other subjects.

In addition to its general student workshop, the Branch Out Project offers visual literacy workshops for teachers, parents and children, including those with special needs.