High School students from the Villanova Initiative for the Education of Women (VIEW) program  learn to draw realistic self-portraits in 15 hours. (Note the student’s “before” drawings on the wall behind them).

Before and After instruction

Before and After instruction

Student Reflections

“Drawing this picture changed my emotional attitude.  It now shows that I can’t get as frustrated as fast as I did before…I can correct my mistakes just as easy as it was for me to make them.… It also does help me look at ordinary things differently, I actually analyze the small details that no one else notices.”


“I am usually a fast impulsive person. Most times, I just act off of impulse before I even think twice. But after learning the techniques of drawing I have begun to think before I act.”


“I am learning many new characteristics about myself.  For one, I am not rushing around anymore. I don’t panic anymore when it comes to doing work.  I take a deep breath and calm down.  I am going to apply these skills to my homework and class work.”

Students who continue with the workshops or take ongoing classes choose to work on a variety of drawing projects.