Client Comments

Read what clients say about The Branch Out Project


“Feel very empowered.  If I can do this in a couple of hours after 3 decades of writing this off my talent list- what might I accomplish if I changed my outlook on other “impossible”issues”?

-Employee, Church & Dwight Co. Inc., Global New Products -Homecare Division

“Very Cool class- helps you appreciate how to see things differently.  Janice had great tips on how to show perspective and depth. Very intriguing for how you can apply perspective to business situations.”

-Employee, Church & Dwight Co. Inc., Global New Products -Homecare Division

“It was a big deliverable for such a short amount of time.  I am trying to build a learning culture and this experience emphasized that.”

-Donna Sturgess, Head of Global Innovation Group at GlaxoSmithKline

“I recommend The Branch Out Project to corporations looking for a fun and effective way to encourage creative thinking in the workplace.  Taking us out of our comfort zone and demystifying the techniques of an artist showed all of us “old dogs” that we could learn new tricks.  Thank you for facilitating a very positive experience for us!”

-Mary Farrell Robinson, Director of Human Resources, Duane Morris LLP

“The unknown should not be a roadblock to trying something new.  Technique can be demystified.”

-Adminstrative Director, Duane Morris LLP

“Great workshop by a knowledgable facilitator.”

-Employee, Wyeth Ayerst Clinical Publications

“Will help to think of a different way or creative way to approach responsibilities while staying within acceptable standards.”

-Employee, Wyeth Ayerst Clinical Publications

“It gives me a different outlook and maybe some tools to determine solutions particularly with problems that seem to be unsolvable.”

-Navy Judge Advocate General, Dept. of Navy

“I think the mix of art and technical information was well integrated. I liked the “hands-on “approach and group dynamics.”

-Navy Judge Advocate General, Dept. of Navy

“Realizing how locked into standard patterns one can be. This will make me think more about flipping my thinking upside down.”

-Employee, Wyeth Ayerst Clinical Publications

“This can help raise my awareness of how my co-workers approach similar problems and work more effectively on team projects.”

-Employee, Wyeth Ayerst Clinical Publications

Excellent presentation and clarity.”

-Employee, Wyeth Ayerst Clinical Publications

“I would like to see this expand to all of our employees.”

-Employee, J. G. Finneran Inc


“There is so often frustration in my students eyes. I think this will give them relief.”

- Art teacher – K-12

“Very inspirational, encouraging Interesting, fun and informative, WOW! Everyone will love it!”

-Middle School teacher

“I don’t have to draw stick figures on the blackboard anymore.”

-Middle School teacher

“Great workshop and techniques, I can’t wait to use them.”

-Middle School teacher

“I feel like I discovered a secret.”

-Early Childhood teacher

“Thank you for an informative,well-paced, positive experience.”

-Early Childhood teacher

“As an art teacher this really helps me with the nitty-gritty everyday aspects of my work”

-Art teacher – K-12

“Helping children get away from the ‘I can’t do it’.”

-Elementary School teacher

“It will definitely keep their attention because they can see immediate results.

-Middle School teacher


“You accomplish new things you never thought that you could.”

-High School student

“It teaches you everyday lessons like believe in yourself and never give up.”

-High School student

“Every part of it caught my attention.”

-High School student


“Great fun-Inspiring”

-Member, Pennsylvania Horticultural Society

“This was certainly motivating for wellness. Nice treat for us.”

-Reach for Recovery Volunteer, American Red Cross

“Not only did I learn alot about drawing, I learned alot about being creative.”

-Member, New Jersey Center for the Healing Arts

“These techniques can be great diversity activities to help people appreciate their differences.”

-Delaware Valley Association for Directors of Volunteer Programs

“A great new easily learned technique that expands a person’s ability not only in art but in many creative areas…the ability to see and do in new ways.”

-Adult student, Chautauqua Institute